This 'war' parodied the techniques of online business to deconstruct the meaning of e-commerce. The final result was the corporate failure of etoys. The technological advancement and capability that has been brought to our Internet use, as well as the shifting marketing needs of organisations towards the Internet now poses the multi-disciplinary dilemma on how best to utilise search engine marketing. The question that is being asked in this current paper is therefore: How can Search Engine Optimisation become an integral part of marketing management? In answering the question a literature review is undertaken examining the process of search engine optimisation and marketing management. This is seo services meaning followed by a case study that highlights the use of search engine marketing management for an SME.
The case study is discussed in relation to the literature highlighting the needs of further research in the area. Marketing management is a well-developed discipline which can be defined as: “The Art and Science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping and growing customers through creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value” (Kotler and Keller,) Marketers also tend to differentiate their field from sales in that they focus on the overall process of understanding a prospect’s needs and delivering value to these prospects. Or, as Peter Drucker stated that “the aim of marketing is to make sales superfluous” (Kotler and Keller, ). The act of selling tends to focus on the needs and acts to the benefit of the seller, whereas the seo services for small businesses process of marketing focuses on the needs of the buyer.Marketing also recognises the importance of any engagement, including a casual visit to a website, as the actions of a buyer in potentia and endeavours to treat all contact from this point of view. When considering marketing as a subject area, the classic Ps summarise the areas of concern to a marketer; offering the right Product, at the right Price, in the right Place using the right Promotion (Waterschoot and van den Bulte, ).
From the perspective of the Internet, place and promotion figure very prominently and can be addressed directly through the technologies of the Web. However, there are also web based services that are influenced by the product and price aspects. In a marketing conscious organisation, each marketing activity is measured by consideration of its return on investment and customer life time value. These variables are informed by, for example, the number of sales an activity generates and the profit returned through each activity. A marketing activity, in terms of online presence, can therefore be crudely measured by the number of sales that were generated as a result of an online advertisement or in relation to website metrics such as the number of unique visitors per month.
In the increasingly sophisticated Web. environment, marketing activity can also be quantified as the number of followers on Twitter, friends on a Facebook group page, StumbleUpon thumbs up or reposts taken from the corporate blog. The process and purpose of marketing management can be broadly broken down into four phases;) setting goals,) understanding prospects,) engaging with prospects, and) measuring prospects response. In contrast to the long-term view taken by marketing strategists, work undertaken by the technical team or individuals responsible for seo services meaning website maintenance has predominantly focused upon search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO has reached such a degree of acceptance and recognised importance that it has become the focus for corporate training sessions and a question asked, as a verb, of most new website developments, “Has the website been SEOed?” SEO can be defined as a projectmanaged process that aims to promote a web site’s position towards the top of the search results for particular keywords.
A measure for local seo services SEO success is usually demonstrated by an increase in a website’s organic traffic. The use of this metric is based on the assumed correlation between an increase in website traffic and an increase in direct sales. SEO activity is clearly demarcated from the use of Pay-PerClick (PPC) listings, which is the alternative and more expensive route to gaining a listing see here on the first pages of search results. PPC is offered by all major search engines as an alternative way for website owners to get their website noticed by searchers looking for relevant keywords.